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Helium Line | Helium Filled Hoses | Aeroquip Couplings

Components for Helium Lines

Components for Helium LinesBuckley Industrial supplies a range of components for helium lines, mainly used on cryo-pump and helium compressor applications.  Components include hose assemblies (high quality stainless steel convoluted hose) and different connectors (90 degree elbows and tee pieces); all supplied with Aeroquip 5400 series refrigeration couplings.

Although the majority of components are supplied in standard sizes, they can be supplied bespoke to customer requirements.

All components are ultrasonically cleaned before being filled and pressurised with 99.99999% pure Helium (N7.0).  Once they have been Helium leak tested, components are capped then sealed in polythene bags to avoid contamination before being shipped to the customer.

Please contact our sales team for more information.