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Buckley Industrial has been producing top-quality industrial hoses and fittings for over 30 years. With a wide range of comprehensive hose inspection and management services available, we aim to provide flawless solutions for every customer. 

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Diverse Applications

As a unique industrial hose company, we specialise in the manufacture, inspection and testing of flexible hose assemblies for the power generation, chemical, food processing, paper and petrochemical industries.

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Hose Inspection and Testing

Our success as a market leading industrial hose company is largely due to the investment in resources and technically advanced equipment, especially in the hose inspection and testing field.

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Hose Management Systems

With effective management of Flexible Hose Assemblies, the risk of accidents, leakages, unexpected outages, and environmental pollution is reduced. Buckley Industrial can provide a comprehensive service, tailored to meet your requirements.

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PTFE Hose Products

With excellent chemical resistant properties, non-stick surfaces, high temperature range and the ability to operate under high-pressure, our range of PTFE hoses are suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.

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Why Choose Us?

We are a leading UK manufacturer of industrial hose products, but Buckley Industrial represents a far more all-encompassing solutions provider. Our detailed and dependable hose inspection and testing services offer the optimal resource for our clients, and our expert team is on hand to alleviate any queries or concerns you may have.

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Commitment to Quality

To continue to build upon our success, and to support the current focus of growth through an enlarged customer base, we are committed to continual improvement in product and service quality. The expertise and experience that we have gained over the years has made us a market leading industrial hose company.

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Global Solutions Provider

Buckley Industrial is a world leader in hose inspection and hose testing. With a wealth of experience in applications regarding industrial hose and flexible connector applications, we offer a problem solving and diagnostic service and can undertake site visits to assess the issues and help provide tailored solutions to problems.

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If you have any queries regarding any of our products or services then send us an email or fill out the contact form, or simply give us a call. Why not check out our YouTube channel for more helpful content? 

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