Coloured Coding of Industrial Hoses

This product is available in a wide range of colours, making it very easy to carry out the identification of hose.  It can be covered in a specific colour to help in identifying which products are being passed through the hopes or which particular hose in usage. A small section of the hose can be covered or the full length of the hose which depends on customer requirements.

The heat shrink consists of a premium grade thin wall of polyolefin, which is formulated to meet the most exacting specifications, this is extremely flexible, flame retardant sleeving.

This sleeving is available in a vast range of sizes, all the way up to 102 in diameter. It complies with MIL-1-23053/5 of Class 1 and 2, DEF.STAN 59-97 type 2b, UL 224 and CSA specifications.

It has extremely extensive applications for protective and aesthetic purposes both, which good chemical and solvent resistance as well as electrical performance.

Physical Properties of our colourised heat shrink includes a cross-linked polyolefin, is semi-flexible, and available in black, red blue, yellow, white, clear, green and violet. 

They can operate up from temperatures as low as -55°C up to + 135°C. They have a shrinkage temperature of >120°C and have Very Good storage stability.