Hose ManagementThe management of Flexible Hose Assemblies (FHAs) is something that has been overlooked by many companies.  However, in recent years more and more companies, and the Health and Safety Executive have realised the importance of managing the integrity of FHAs.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that having effective hose assemblies on your site can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents, leakages, unforeseen outages and environmental pollution.

By working closely with its Customers, Buckley Industrial is able to produce bespoke Hose Management Systems tailored to suit their needs in order to maximise business efficiency.

The Process

Our highly experienced team will attend site to carry out a preliminary survey and gather information including approximate quantities, hose types and their application in order to produce a written scheme for the management of flexible hose assemblies.

The written scheme will be in the form of a proposal setting out data to be recorded for each assembly. It will also include the risk assessment method to be employed, the nature and frequency of inspection and testing required, storage and installation details and the recording method and documentation to be used.

A full site survey will be carried out to locate and identify all FHAs deployed and in storage. Each will be given a unique serial number and tagged with this and its other relevant details. The information gathered will be collated to form a comprehensive site FHA register.

There are many different tagging systems ranging from a simple metal tag to  sophisticated radio frequency identification systems.

Once the register has been completed, the frequency and mode of inspection and testing, within the parameters suggested by both the HSE and Buckley Industrial, can be determined.

The Buckley team will then sit down with the Customer and decide on the allocation of the various tasks and responsibilities to create a bespoke FHA management system which meets the needs of the site and runs with maximum efficiency. The level of Buckley’s involvement in the day to day running of the system will be decided by agreement.

Prescribed Inspection and Testing Requirements

All hose assemblies, including spares must be subject to an inspection and testing regime. This will include visual inspection and depending on hose type and application may include pressure testing, vacuum testing, electrical continuity and internal inspection. Please go to the “Inspection and Testing” section for detailed information.

Repair and Replacement Service

After testing, some FHAs will be deemed unfit for use. Depending on the failure characteristics and type of hose it may be appropriate to either repair or replace the assembly. Buckley is able to offer an express service in both cases.


Buckley Industrial believes that anyone working with FHAs should fully understand their use, whether they are fit for purpose and the potential dangers that exist.  Although formal visual inspections will be carried out at prescribed intervals, FHAs should be inspected before each and every use.

Our team will train all customer personnel involved in the Hose Management System, as agreed with the Customer, on its day to day operation.  The training will include as a minimum, hose installation, safety and maintenance, hose identification and inspection and hose specification.

Training courses can be carried out in situ on Customers’ premises or at Buckley’s premises, whichever is most appropriate.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements