Hose Asset Management and RFID Tagging

Hose asset management is being revolutionised by RFID Tagging Technology and here at Buckley Industrial, we do our best to help those working in the industrial sector have simple and effective access to their hose assembly and management.

We have implemented a new data system for hoses using a customised Hose Asset Management web-based software.

What’s special about the software is that it allows the inspector to visit the site and by simply abiding a sequence of easy prompts can confirm that a hose has passed a visual inspection. If need be, the inspectors can even add photographs and comments – and have the ability to produce certifications with the simple press of a button. When a new hose that is not in the database is found, it can be easily added and inspected while on site. This reduces the transcribing time, as well as minimises errors and makes sure that all details are correctly recorded.

While most companies are using the basic form of tagging, like in using metal tags with the hose details engraved onto the tag, while in the past this served as sufficient, it has many risks such as that they can be covered in oil or resin – even ripped off when the hose is used. Visual tagging is suitable in situations where a dedicated hose is used, but the problem is where hoses are moved around – it can be incredibly time consuming and poses risks in the organisation of the systems.

During a hose inspection, the inspector shouldn’t be handling the hose unless absolutely necessary. This is because a pressurised hose can pose a risk of fluid injection injury.

RFID tagging technology has existed for some time now, however, RFID hasn’t been used with hoses in extreme environments on a consistent and regular basis. With assistance from the Welsh Government, Buckley Industrial has developed an ATEX approved Zone 1 RFID tag. The tag is designed to work with corrosive chemicals. There are currently over 10 00 hoses on the market that make use of this RFID Technology.