Buckley Industrial are Hose Asset Management specialists. We ensure that regular testing and inspections of hose assemblies are carried out. Buckley Industrial have implemented a new database for hose using a bespoke Hose Asset Management web-based Software.

Process RFID Tagging Technology

RFID tagging technology has been around for some time. However, RFID has not been used with hose in extreme environments on a consistent regular basis. With assistance from the Welsh Government, Buckley Industrial has developed an ATEX approved Zone 1 RFID tag. The tag is designed to work with corrosive chemicals. We currently have over 5000 hoses in the market with RFID tags.

Hose RFID tag


Accurate Identification of Hose

This software allows the inspector to visit site and follow a series of prompts to verify that a hose has passed a visual inspection. Importantly, the inspection certificate is time stamped with the name of the person carrying out the inspection. If necessary, the inspector can add photographs and comments and produce certification with a click of a button.

When a new hose, not on the database is identified, it can be added and inspected whilst on site. This reduces transcribing time and errors and ensures that all details are recorded correctly. Most companies are using visual tagging such as metal tags with the hose details engraved onto the tag, which can be scratched or covered with oil or resin or even ripped off when hose are being used.

Visual tagging is suitable in situations where dedicated hoses are used. However, on sites where the hose are moved around this can prove incredibly time consuming adding a level of risk. During a hose inspection, the inspector should not be handling hose if possible. If the hose is under pressure, there is a risk of ‘Fluid Injection Injury’ or worse.

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