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Buckley Industrial are experienced in the specification, supply and testing of Flexible Hose Assemblies for use within the Marine and Offshore Industry. We have the capability to offer any given solution for Hoses that are used for both Offshore and Onshore applications.
We have the expertise and equipment to both test the Flexible Hose Assemblies on site on our bespoke, state of the art Test Equipment. Along with RFID tagging the Hoses and entering on to our database so you the customer can easily manage your assets when they are in the Marine and Offshore environment.

Couplings and Clamps for Offshore

We also offer a comprehensive range of Couplings and Clamps for use in the harsh environment associated with the Marine and Offshore Industry.

The loading and unloading of liquid and gaseous substances to and from moving platforms in a salt laden atmosphere calls for specialised bespoke transfer hoses and couplings assemblies.

We are experienced in the specification, supply and testing of such assemblies for marine and offshore application.  We also host various different classification societies should there be a requirement for testing to be witnessed.

A number of recent safety and efficiency innovations have been made available for the marine industry.

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