PTFE Expansion Joints

PTFE Expansion JointsPTFE Expansion Joints are used in many industrial applications where the adjoining equipment is fragile or in particular when the media is either extremely corrosive or has a very high purity.

Buckley Industrial is able to supply a wide range of PTFE expansion joints to cope with our customers varying needs.

We can offer this range of bellows in sizes from 25mm up to 800mm diameter and are able to vary the pressure rating and flexibility of each unit by varying the wall thickness, the number of convolutions and the class of flange.

Enquiries and orders for our PTFE expansion joints are dealt with on a project basis to ensure that optimum solutions for individual applications are achieved; most units we supply are designed and manufactured as bespoke items.

We are able to offer a service to replace existing units by designing and manufacturing suitable compensators which will replace existing parts without the need to modify the system to accommodate them.

When units are required for plant breakdowns we can usually deliver replacements on a short lead time.

All hose assemblies supplied by Buckley Industrial comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive (EC/97/23)