Composite Hose

Buckley Industrial supplies composite hose assemblies that are manufactured to stringent quality standards to ensure the highest levels of reliability and durability. Computer engineered to give optimum construction for each application, the hose combines multi-layered polypropylene fabrics and films, steel wire helixes and liners where needed to ensure lightness, excellent flexibility and toughness. The inner and outer wires are electrically continuous to prevent static discharge.

Composite hoses offer a high degree of chemical compatibility whilst the high safety factor of the composite construction eliminates potentially catastrophic ruptures.


Chemical Composite Hose

For use in petroleum, chemical and oil transfer, petrochemical vapour recovery, all loading arms in bottom loading operations, as well as tank truck delivery. Flexible and lightweight liquid transfer and bottom loading composite hose offer optimum chemical resistance to aggressive media. Composite hoses are available in a complete range of advanced films and fabrics to meet all hose requirements, with externally crimped dry seal fittings in diameters from 1″ to 10″.


Standard Chemical Service

Specifically designed for in-plant transfer operations as well as tank truck delivery and rail car loading. Constructed with multiple plies of polypropylene films and polyester vapour barriers. Rated for full vacuum.


Special Chemical Service

Special chemical service hose fittings are constructed to meet the demands of highly aggressive chemicals. Special chemical resistance with PTFE inner liner, reinforced with multiple plies of polyester and polypropylene films. Rated for full vacuum.


Standard Petroleum Service

Designed for the transfer of a wide range of petroleum products. Hoses are ideal for transfer of media from storage tanks and process piping to rail cars or tank trucks. Multiple plies of polypropylene films and fabrics are encased in a polyester vapor barrier for superior operation. Rated for full vacuum.


Composite hose for cryogenics

Hose assemblies designed for use with cryogenic products at temperatures down to -200°C or at pressure up to 25 bar. These hose are suitable for transferring fully refrigerated conveyants such as propane and butane down to -50°C, as well as liquid ethane at -88°C and liquid ethylene at -105°C. They are also suitable for carrying liquid gases, such as liquid nitrogen and L.N.G (methane), at extremely low temperatures down to -200°C.


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All hose assemblies supplied by Buckley Industrial comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive (EC/97/23)