Heat Traced Hose Assemblies


Buckley Industrial can offer heat traced hose assemblies by heating electrically any type of flexible hose, either single hoses or multiple hoses bunched together. We can also heat hoses supplied by customers, or advise on suitable alternatives.

All of Buckley Industrial’s heat traced hoses are built to a well proven design. We operate strict quality control at all stages and every Heated Hose from us is fully tested and guaranteed for twelve months.

Although we have built up a fund of experience, all our heated hoses are treated as specials, and they are designed to suit individual requirements and equipment.

We pride ourselves on our quick response. Our heated hoses can be built, tested and delivered within days rather than weeks.

All Buckley Industrial heated hoses MUST be connected to a suitable temperature controller otherwise damage will occur. Temperature controllers for all types or applications can be specified and supplied, either with the Hose, or separately.



To customer’s specification.

End fittings:

Swaged fittings, to most pipe thread systems, are in a range of materials.

Bore size:

Sizes to suit customer’s specifications can be supplied.

Temperature sensor:

PT 100 and thermocouple types of sensor can be supplied. Other types may be available, by prior consultation.


The heating element is insulated with a layer of silicone rubber for moisture protection.

Thermal insulation:

A thick layer of closed cell silicone foam rubber.

Outer braid:

Black polyamide sleeve braiding.  Other forms of outer protection are available on request.

End caps:

Moulded silicone rubber caps are used exclusively.


To customer’s requirements.


The temperature sensing and the heating wires are standard.  Additional wires, and/or tubes, can be incorporated in the build-up, as necessary, to control customers operation or to feed additional equipment.

All hose assemblies supplied by Buckley Industrial comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive (EC/97/23)