Industrial Grade Pyrojacket®

Pyro JacketIndustrial Grade Pyrojacket® is a woven glass fibre sleeve covered with a red silicone rubber compound, which fits over a hose assembly.  It is designed to do two things, protect the hose from external heat and reduce heat radiating from hose thus reducing heat energy loss and protecting operatives against burns.

The Pyrojacket® supplied by Buckley Industrial can withstand continuous temperatures up to 260ºC, up to 1090ºC for 15 to 20 minutes and 1650ºC for 15 to 30 seconds.

Pyrojacket® is available to cover hose with an outside diameter of up to 125mm and length of 30 metres.  Other heat protection hose covers are available upon request for hose outside these limits.

All hose assemblies supplied by Buckley Industrial comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive (EC/97/23)