Bioflex Ultra Flexible Hose

Customers worldwide, had always asked for the ultimate PTFE lined flexible hose… one product which incorporates the advantages of both convoluted and smoothbore designs. A product which is sufficiently flexible, like convoluted, yet which retains the advantages offered by smoothbore, like fast flow rate and clean-ability.

After years of painstaking research and development…Bioflex was launched

Bioflex is a smooth bore, highly flexible, PTFE lined hose. Its design overcomes the disadvantages of conventional smooth bore and convoluted PTFE flexible hose designs, dramatically improving on many of their individual technical performance parameters.

The key feature of Bioflex PTFE hose is the PTFE liner design, which comprises integral rib sections which support the tube against kinking, vacuum and pressure, and highly compressed web sections which give a smoothbore inner surface and excellent flexibility.

In 2013 in response to customer’s requests for an even more flexible and kink resistant hose, the convolution profile of the Bioflex PTFE liner tube was re-designed and a high tensile, 316 stainless steel wire was introduced, helically wound in to the root of the convolutions. This wire provides greatly increased kink resistance by providing radial reinforcement to the tube and axial reinforcement to the web section, preventing web section collapse when the tube is heavily flexed.

The actual bore size of the tube and hoses was also slightly increased to permit easier insertion of fittings. Hoses incorporating this PTFE liner tube design have been re-named as ……….BIOFLEX ULTRA.bioflex hose






3/8″ (9.5mm) up to 2″ (50mm)


Natural or anti-static PTFE, stainless steel, polypropylene, PVDF or hastelloy braid, with or without an EPDM, silicone or fireproof rubber cover.


ASA150 or DIN flanges, Sanitary Triclamps (Triclovers), Camlocks, DIN11851, RJT, RJP and SMS fittings, BSPT or NPT fixed males, BSP or NPSM females, JIC, I-Line and many other standard and special fitting designs.

bioflex hose
NOTE: The bore size of the hose is maintained right through the end fitting.


  1. No bore restriction at the ends, as with conventional inserted fittings, therefore higher flow rates.
  2. Free, cleaner flow of fluid, without the fluid entrapment which occurs at the inside end of an inserted fitting.

Bioflex Ultra in comparison with convoluted PTFE hose

  • Hygienic clean-ability – much better, due to no internal convolutions
  • Flow rate – more than 2 x higher
  • Pressure ratings – more than 1.5 x higher
  • Self-draining – 100% self-draining with PTFE lined fittings
  • Non-whistling – no whistling noises with gases

Bioflex Ultra in comparison with conventional smoothbore FEP, PFA or PTFE lined rubber hose

  • No Adhesives – No toxic adhesives used in the Bioflex Ultra construction, eliminating the possibilities of process fluid contamination in service
  • Flexibility – much better flexibility

Bioflex Ultra in comparison with silicone rubber hose

  • Hygienic clean-ability – much better, due to the non-stick PTFE liner
  • Chemical resistance – considerably improved, particularly to strong oxidising acids and bases
  • Temperature and pressure ratings – much higher temperature and pressure capabilities
  • Steam resistance – permanently resistant to steam sterilising (unlike silicone which has a limited life)

All hose assemblies supplied by Buckley Industrial comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive (EC/97/23)