Rubber and Sponge

Rubber and SpongeBuckley Industrial stocks a variety of different types of rubber and sponge in sheet format.  This rubber sheet can be cut to size and fabricated to create bespoke solutions to meet our customer requirements.  Different types of rubber have different properties so there is almost always a product to suit the application.  The different types of sponge and rubber we supply are listed below, along with a brief description to outline their properties:


  • Black Commercial – 1.5mm to 25mm thick.  Cheap and cheerful, ideal rubber to use for lining equipment and manufacturing sleeves to be used in non-harsh environments
  • White food quality – 1.5mm to 10mm thick.  FDA approved product
  • Neoprene – 1.5mm to 10mm thick.  Good compatibility with chemicals so ideal to use for lining equipment and manufacturing sleeve in a more harsh environment
  • EPDM – 1.5mm to 12mm thick.  Excellent resistance to weather and ozone means it is ideal for outdoor applications
  • Commercial Shotblast – 3mm to 6mm.  A lower hardness than the black commercial rubber gives it good abrasive resistant qualities
  • Tan Shotblast – 1.5mm to 25mm.  Slightly more expensive than the commercial grade shotblast but has excellent abrasive resistant qualities
  • Red abrasion resistant – 3mm to 6mm thick.  The most abrasive resistant rubber we supply
  • White abrasion resistant – 3mm to 6mm thick.  As above but ideal for food applications
  • Silicone – 3mm thick.  With a temperature range of -60ºC to 200ºC, this rubber is ideal for high temperature applications
  • White Silicone – 3mm thick.  As above but ideal for food applications
  • Grooved Matting – 3mm to 6mm thick.  Available with fine or broad grooves. Suitable for use in non-slip applications.

It is possible to supply almost all of the above with a textile insertion making them tear resistant


A wide range of sponge can be supplied with both open and closed cell structures and different densities.  These can also be supplied with self-adhesive backing.  Most sponge is supplied in 2m x 1m sheets but can be cut to size.