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Component Cleaning | Oxygen Cleaning | Class 5 Clean Room Facility

Component Cleaning

Component Cleaning“Oxygen Cleaning” is the abbreviated way of referring to the process “Cleaned for Oxygen Service”.  This process removes a variety of contaminants from internal areas of pipe systems, manifolds and valves to name a few.

Some contaminates that are typically removed during component cleaning are:

· Oil & Grease
· Organic contaminants
· Inorganic contaminants
· Scale

We are capable of cleaning components to specific customer specifications or to a required industrial standard. Dependent on the Customers requirement Buckley Industrial is capable of carrying out the following:

· Clean to a Grade 5 Federal 100 standard
· Clean to a general environment standard
· Ultrasonic Cleaning
· UV Inspection
· Microscopic Inspection (e.g. SEM/EDX)