You have the Smart Phone, the Smart TV, the Smart Computer and many more now Buckley industrial is introduction the Smart Self-Locking Swivel Female Quick Coupler

This coupler can be fitted to Stainless Steel, PTFE, Composite and Rubber Chemical Hose to make attaching the hose to your equipment easier and safer. The head of the Female Coupler swivels so the hose is not overbent or twisted too much when the user is fitting the hose to the equipment.

Smart Self-Locking Swivel Female Quick Coupler

Smart Self-Locking Swivel Female Quick Coupler






Product Description
Self-Locking Swivel Female Quick Coupler

The 360° swivel feature helps prevent hose kinking and twisting.

The user does not need to learn new technique new method or any additional tool to use this product with one smooth motion. Just like a regular quick coupler.


SAFLOK Self-locking arms prevent opening due to negligence or accident when the user engages both arms in a simple single motion form their 45° angle. Designed with finger rings is for secure close and release much easier.

Smart Self-Locking Swivel Female Quick CouplerProduct Features

1.) The quick coupler with 360° rotational feature.

2.) Prevent accidental disconnection or disaster that might happen due to the negligence of human operation or the natural abrasion of the metal locking cam face.

3.) Locking automatically and quickly when you close the patented arms with a smooth motion. Self-locking can be to reduce risk for operators and making safety and save time on the operative procedure.

4.) Virtually Effortless on open and close operations. Quick release the locking with an easy tug on the finger rings.

5.) The Interchangeable shanks can be suitable for any specific applications.

Material: SST

Certificate: TUV CERT

DIN EN ISO 9001:2000