​Buckley Industrial specialises in the manufacture, test and distribution of Stainless Steel and Composite Hose Assemblies that are used within the Cryogenic Industry, these Hoses are an indispensable accessory for the safe and efficient transfer of liquid cryogens including liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and liquid oxygen. We have the expertise, experience and equipment for all your cryogenic needs.

Once satisfied that they meet with our high standards of inspection, all items are capped then sealed in a polythene bag to avoid contamination and labelled before being despatched.

We can also supply Aeroquip fittings for use in the Cryogenic Industry. 
We have a bespoke clean room where we have the ability to clean components and hose using our ultrasonic bath. 

We can pre-fill Hose and Components and pressurise with pure Helium up to 99.999999% (N7.0) then test for any leakages with our state of the art Helium leak detector that can be used for a range of gases. 

This also extends to offering a comprehensive range of Helium filled components which are fully ultrasonically cleaned before being filled, pressurised and leak tested before being capped and sealed in a polythene bag and labelled with any details required by you the customer.
For further information regarding any of the products or services mentioned please do not hesitate in contacting our Sales Team:

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