Hose Asset Management

Buckley Industrial has a long history of Hose Asset Management. We ensure that regular inspections are carried out and replace and test hoses when required. During 2017 and 2018, Buckley Industrial has been slowly building up a new database of hoses using bespoke Hose Asset Management web based Software.


Accurate Inspection Process

Hose Asset Management dashboardThis software allows the inspector to go on site and follow a series of prompts to verify that a hose has passed a visual inspection. Importantly, the inspection certificate is time stamped with the name of the person carrying out the inspection. If necessary the inspector can add photographs and comments and produce certification with a click of a button. When a new hose, not on the database is identified, it can be added and inspected whilst on site. This reduces transcribing time and errors, and ensures that all details are recorded correctly.


Accurate identification of Hoses

The biggest challenge to growing this part of the business has been the quick identification of the hoses. Buckley Industrial like most hose companies have historically relied upon visual tagging – an engraved number somewhere on the hose. Visual tagging is suitable in situations where dedicated hoses are used. However, on sites where hoses get moved around this can prove incredibly time consuming adding a level of risk. During a hose inspection the inspector should not be handling hoses if possible. If the hoses are under pressure there is a risk of ‘Fluid Injection Injury’ or worse. Historically we have tried several types of tagging and labelling with varying levels of success depending upon the site, type of hose and working environment. Bar-coding was something that we had thought about, but given that this was also a visual method, we have not pursued it as we have embarked on the next level of sophistication.


RFID Tagging Technology

RFID tagging technology has been around for some time. However, RFID has not been used with hoses in extreme environments on a consistent regular basis. With funding from the Welsh Government, Buckley Industrial has embarked upon a trial of ATEX approved Zone 1 RFID tags. The tags are designed to work with corrosive chemicals and when surrounded by Steel work that can shield the RFID signal. Over the coming months we will be rolling these tags out to a few customers. We currently have nearly 500 hoses in the market with RFID tags, whilst we verify the technology and our business processes. Finally, Initial feedback has been sensational and we are feeling quite confident about rolling this out to new and existing customers beyond the pilot. Please contact the sales team at Buckley industrial for more information.